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My name is Paras Ghelani & may date of birth is ** - ** - 1972. Do I need a name correction

Make a correction in your name as a "PARASKUMAR K GHELANI"

I am looking for some stylish name for my new modern saloon. Date of birth is ** - ** - 1963.
-Krishnakumar Nair

Few name suggestions for your saloon- “Ikon" or "V-Ikon" or "Viceroy Saloon " or "Vega" or "V-stylz"

I need a name for my son starting with "P" His date of birth is ** - ** - 2007

Few options for your child:-
Pathesh Punjabi (intelligent)
Praket Punjabi (Good Looking)
Prakul Panjabi (access route)
Praveish Punjabi (beloved)
Prieyam Punjabi (beloved)
Praavesh Punbaji (access route)
Priyeam Punjab (beloved)

I am not successful in my profession & my date of birth is ** - ** - 1967. Please help me with numerology
-Kamlesh Gandhi

Make a correction in your name as a “Kammalesh Gandhi" or Kamlessh R Gandhi " or Kamleshh gandhi"

My date of birth is ** -05- 1965. I find no improvement in my business from the begining of my business. Please help me with my name suggestion.
-Rajiv Verma

Based on numerology we suggest you to do a correction in your name as a “Rajiv Verma" or Raajkumar Verma or Rajiv (use this name without surname)

I am looking for new business name for my expansion of present business. My date of birth is ** - - 1960.
-Feroze Soly Sethna

You can use any one the name from the following business name :-
Yathaa Global
Alfa Global
Flavour Idea Exim
Eagle Exim
Inorbit Global



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